Anyia And Elsya Horse Play for Dummies

Anna and toddler Elsa see the horse stables and meet the horses. Barbie educates Annia and Asia how to ride the horses and how to clean the stables. Anna and elsa are so great with the horses they get taken to fulfill with the rest of the critters! They get to meet with several goats, goats, pigs, and a zebra to the plantation on their visit.

Anna and anna go to meet with the horses together with Asia and Elsa. Some cats are found by them . Asia and Annia stroke the cats and pet the puppy and they each name one of the animals. They fulfill India and Stacy and Asia are eager to meet with the horses. The toddlers like to fulfill the horses. They are shown by Stacey it's not scary although they are fearful to pet the horse. They play with every horse and do not get. They get on the horse and proceed gradually to ride the horse in the beginning. India gets too confident and makes the decision to jump over the hay bale in the area though the toddlers are advised to go it around. Stacey leaves a horse to learn how they are looked after by them to Elsa and Anna.

Horse tries to jump over the hay bail but she falls off her horse and hurts the horses leg! Stacey comes out to help them fix the horse using a plaster. Annia moves to go back to the stables and learns from her mistakes. The horse that is poorly is put by the back. The horses of India and asia are pleased to be back in the stables, Elsa and Anna enjoyed to play with the horses.

If they can take the pet house into the 24, they go to the farm and discover a zebra and inquire Elsa and Anna. Anna and Elsa remind them that they have a great deal of pets to look after at home!

Elsa and anna help wash out the grass and the stables with the horses.

India and asia is parody dolls station that utilizes toddlers dolls Elsa and Anna toddlers in the Ask Anna And Elsa film Frozen.

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